How to spend the time at the Lodge Norheim

Lodge Experiences

Enjoy the effort

A stay at Norheim requires some effort. After lighting the wood stove, maintain a high temperature in the fireplace and tend it for about an hour until the fire is blazing. Grind coffee beans in a mill and brew the coffee with care. For all things that are nowadays automated, feel the joy of taking the effort to do them by hand.

Check in at Cafe Good Life

Cafe Good Life attracts many fans with its extraordinary space that makes you feel as if you have wandered into Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. It is a short walk from Norheim. Please come to the cafe for check-in. After filling out the accommodation list, you will go to Norheim. If you arrive at Sakuraoka early, you can also relax in the cafe.

Leaving blank spaces for our guests

After check-in for example, you can decorate the small vase on the table with small branches collected from the forest. We intentionally incorporate blank spaces for guests to freely customize their stay. Experience a natural lifestyle that blends the forest and nature into daily life.

Let’s nurture the forest together

The Nordheim forest is home to many wild animals, as well as wild grasses and flowers that are unique to Hokkaido. The forest contains a wide variety of native tree species. However, the forest is still young, and it requires regular maintenance to remain abundant and beautiful. We hope to share the joy and value of nurturing the forest together with our guests.

Spend time gazing at the fire

At Nordheim, you can have fun with fire. For firewood, we use only Hokkaido oak, which burns slowly over time. You will be able to use as much firewood as you need for an entire day, free of charge. Enjoy gazing at the fire as the time slowly passes by.

A private forest deep in the countryside

The Nordheim forest is a private forest that can only be accessed by our guests. You are free to enjoy it however you like. Relax on the forest benches, or look for animal tracks while taking a walk in the winter forest. We recommend taking a ride through the forest on the mountain bikes provided at the inn.

Recover your true self at Sakuraoka Retreat

“Retreat” refers to a stay away from everyday life to enjoy freedom from stress and relaxation, rather than a trip for sightseeing. We aim to allow our guests to enjoy the rich lifestyle of Sakuraoka, and we want our lodge to be a sort of hideaway for our guests. We hope that through staying at Sakuraoka Retreat, you will be freed from the vague worries of daily life and feel like you can recover your true self.