Sakuraoka Retreat

Lodge Norheim

To a hideaway in the forest that extends from Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido

Lodge Norheim is a lodge where only one group can stay per night in a lodge and 3ha of forest. While surrounded by the rich nature at the end of the forest that extends from Daisetsuzan, it is easily accessible from Asahikawa Airport (about 15 minutes) and the city center (about 15 minutes). It is built with Hokkaido’s highly airtight and highly insulated design that keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer. The view of the forest that looks stunning through the large windows and your stay in this famous architecture will allow you to experience a life typical of Hokkaido.

All for a quiet stay away from everyday life

What Norheim was aiming for was nostalgia rather than novelty. Silence rather than glamor. Warmth and calm rather than luxury. An interior with extensive use of wood and natural materials and a distinctive fireplace-style wood-burning stove. A bonfire on a wooden deck, a barbecue using plenty of firewood, a bike tour through the forest, and a view from the terrace. Everything makes for a peaceful stay where time seems to have stopped.

As a sustainable lodge that contributes to the local region

Prioritizing sustainability, CO2 reduction, and contributing to the circulation of local resources, Norheim implements environmentally friendly initiatives. It minimizes the use of plastic and generates as little trash as possible. The firewood and wood chips used, as well as the wood used for the interior, are made from thinned wood produced during the forest cultivation process. Wood produced during the maintenance of Norheim’s forest and old wood leftover from renovations are used as much as possible. Rather than purchasing new furniture, old but classic chairs that can be used for a long time are repaired and kept for continued use. We spare no effort to be sustainable.

Recover your true self at Sakuraoka Retreat

“Retreat” refers to a stay away from everyday life to enjoy freedom from stress and relaxation, rather than a trip for sightseeing. We aim to allow our guests to enjoy the rich lifestyle of Sakuraoka, and we want our lodge to be a sort of hideaway for our guests. We hope that through staying at Sakuraoka Retreat, you will be freed from the vague worries of daily life and feel like you can recover your true self.