LODGE Norheim


Sakuraoka Retreat

lodge Norheim

We rent out a forest full of wild plants

and a highly airtight and highly insulated lodge to one group for one night.

Norheim is a private vacation rental property. We have renovated famous architecture built to be highly airtight and insulated and injected it with new value as a Sakuraoka Retreat lodge. The grounds include a three-hectare forest with wild plants, an open space, and a lodge. All of these are available for just one group per night to enjoy a luxurious stay.

The narrow path forms gentle curves as

if weaving through the forest and fields.

The eastern edge of Asahikawa City, is Hokkaido's second-largest city. Sakuraoka, a farming village where the beautiful mountain landscape remains, is located just where the forest ends after stretching all the way from Daisetsuzan. Reservoir ponds and fields are scattered throughout the moderate hills and forest. The farm road seems to weave through them, forming part of the landscape with its gentle curves.

We hope that a peaceful stay in Sakuraoka

will give us back our time

What Norheim was aiming for was nostalgia rather than novelty. Silence rather than glamor. Warmth and calm rather than luxury. An interior with extensive use of wood and natural materials and a distinctive fireplace-style wood-burning stove. A bonfire on a wooden deck, a barbecue using plenty of firewood, a bike tour through the forest, and a view from the terrace. Everything makes for a peaceful stay where time seems to have stopped.

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